The Scenebot Stage Story

The creators of Scenebot - the number one app that gives actors worldwide a chance to “Get Scene®” - are proud to present Scenebot Stage, the go-to app for actors, dancers, singers, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists to post, share, comment, and be discovered. Scenebot Stage makes it possible for EVERYONE to show off their talents to the world, build a fan base, and get recognized by Industry Professionals.

Just like Scenebot, Scenebot Stage is free to use - but users can now submit as many videos as they like, as often as they like.

Scenebot Stage is also an amazing social network, where users can iscover other artists, follow friends, make new ones, gain fans, like, comment and more! The more likes, comments and awards a video gets, the higher that videos trends, and the more visible it becomes to viewers, and our outstanding Industry Pros.

Whether you want to “get on” stage or just watch and discover incredible new talent, Scenebot Stage is the first of its kind, online, virtual theater venue, open to all artists and fans from anywhere in the world!

Download the app now and Get On Stage!