Scenebot Stage Features

Get featured on STAGE LIVE

Our weekly web show

You could star in our weekly web show where we highlight top videos of the week as well as live performances from our stagers! We fly in over fifty stagers a year, all expenses paid, to perform live in front of an audience of fans and top Industry Pros. Upload your talents to the app for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Follow your FRIENDS and gain FANS

Share your performances with others

Scenebot Stage is an amazing social network, where users can discover other artists, follow friends, make new ones, gain fans, like performances, comment and more! The more likes, comments and awards a video gets, the higher that videos trends, and the more visible it becomes to viewers, and our outstanding Industry Pros.

Gift and get STAGE AWARDS

Earn money for performance or become a MEGAFAN

Scenebot Stage allows you, the artist to monetize your content via our awesome STAGE AWARDS gifted by your fans! Try and fill up your trophy shelf! The most generous fans become eligible for our Megafan rewards (concert tickets, merchandise, meet & greets, etc.) that are given out during our weekly web show.

Find the best TALENT

Scenebot Stage app is filled with top performers

Search for videos from amazing performers from around the world. Get to know them via comments and give them trophies to show your support. Scenebot Stage is a fantastic place to interact with other performers and support each other while having a blast, and perfecting your craft.

Get featured on Stage Live!

Our weekly web series, Scenebot Stage Live, features your unique acts and undiscovered talents, as well as live performances from talented stagers discovered right here on Scenebot Stage! Upload your videos anytime and all the time for your chance to star on Scenebot Stage Live!

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Earn money on Scenebot Stage!

When your fans award you with trophies, you get paid! We’re talking actual cash!

Become a Megafan and earn rewards too! Just award your fellow stagers with one of all six trophies and BOOM, you’re a Megafan! The most generous Megafans become eligible to win cool stuff, like merchandise, concert tickets, meet & greets, and more!

Our Advisors

Billy Man

Music Executive

Sat Bisla

A&R Legend

Krisha Bullock csa

Casting Director

Get Scene® by Industry Pros

Scenebot Stage has partnered with over 150 of the top Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, and Music Executives in the entertainment industry. They are constantly looking for amazing talent to represent and submit for projects. Show them what you’ve got and maybe you’ll be the next talented performer to be discovered.

Jamie Snow

Casting Director

Melissa Berger Brennan


Kathy Bridges


Tina Randolph


Amber Horn

Casting Director

Daryn Simons


Harriet Greenspan

Casting Director

Amy Lord


Emily Urbani


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